Cell-Life Plus Serum

This powerful combination of peptides and antioxidants nourishes and hydrates mature skin while resisting dehydration from transepidermal water loss thereby increasing the skin’s regenerative potential by boosting dynamic cohesion and tonicity of the dermis. Rich in Omega 3, 6 and 9, the natural lipid balance of the skin is softened and preserved, while tetrapeptides target lack of cohesion and poor skin texture which typically occurs during chronological aging.

Key Ingredient Benefits:

  • The combination of active ingredients in Cell-Life Plus Serum softens and protects the skin by preserving the lipidic balance and strengthening the dynamic cohesion between the dermis and the epidermis.
  • Low molecular weight Hyaluronic Acid helps preserve suppleness, elasticity and skin tone, while Syniorage ™  increases the growth of keratinocytes, ensuring skin remains firm and supple, boosting and retaining natural moisture levels.


  • After cleansing and lotion/toning, apply 2-3 drops of Cell-Life Plus Serum to your forehead, chin and cheeks and massage in gently.  Can be layered with other serums. Follow with moisturiser or recommended treatment product.

Suitable for All Skin Types especially Dehydrated/Sensitive/Anti-Aging