The DermaDNA Story

Extending youthful beauty and health can be done, right here and right now. DNA science is moving fast, and scientific breakthroughs to understand the process of aging happen every day. By combining our global alliances, scientific and medical networks, innovation ingenuity, and a passion for quality skin care, we’ve brought the latest anti-aging knowledge out of the lab and made it accessible to you through our new DermaDNA skincare line. 

With literally a world of options, DermaDNA identified a Canadian-based laboratory as the ideal formulation partner. Their medical and aesthetic science philosophy, combined with their eco and vegan-friendly product offerings, offered the perfect mix of skill and ethos for DermaDNA’s purposes.

As its name suggests, DermaDNA products affect the DNA within your skin’s cells, restoring, repairing, and reversing the effects of aging on your skin. We have created the highest grade cosmeceutical solutions, with active ingredient percentages that operate on a cellular level. Working from the inside out, our formulations slow the aging process and make you look your best. Our products are formulated with science, inspired by nature, and created with care for animals and the environment.

These powerful cosmeceutical formulations are now available through Alison Briggs at the DermaDNA Skincare Clinic based in Paraparumu Beach.  Alison will diagnose your skin condition and prescribe a customized skincare solution perfect for your needs. 

Every aspect of the DermaDNA product range offers an unparalleled assurance of purity and effectiveness. Our ingredient selection focuses on clinically tested, active ingredients with sound scientific research to back them. The botanicals, vitamins, minerals, and AHAs included in our cosmeceutical products are known to offer an array of skin-enhancing benefits. 

None of our formulations contain animal or human-based products, and we follow a strict cruelty-free and eco-responsible manufacturing policy. Every DermaDNA formula follows a strict no-animal testing policy and is certified by PETA and SAFE.

We are constantly evolving, pushing the boundaries, researching, and aligning ourselves with like-minded organizations and individuals. 

The old adage “if you look good you’ll feel great,” is well established. DermaDNA is committed to being the best we can be so that you can achieve the same, and we look forward to guiding you on your skincare journey