The Science Behind DermaDNA

Intelligent Skincare

Solving the Anti-Aging Puzzle

Your skin is your body’s largest and fastest-growing organ. Think of it as your individually-tailored coat that protects you from the outside and keeps the inside secure. But over time, the genetic code used to generate new skin cells becomes damaged by exposure to environmental and lifestyle elements.

Normally, our body’s immune receptors can fix problems as our cells reproduce, but as we grow older, this process weakens. The result is visible aging – wrinkles, discoloration, roughened skin, and skin disease.

To solve the anti-aging puzzle, you need the unique blend of products and solutions offered by DermaDNA.

Repairing your DNA results in extraordinary changes in your skin. From anti-aging to normalizing cellular function, your skin’s health and appearance will radically improve over time.

Our unique skincare products are formulated using the latest scientific information and are clinically proven to penetrate deep into your DNA – the genetic code that activates cellular-level repairs, restoration, and regulation. All are vital functions for rejuvenated, healthy skin, and are key elements in reducing or reversing age-related effects.

Developed with ingredient purity, efficacy, and eco-consciousness in mind, DermaDNA’s intelligent skincare is science at its very best.

Repair and Rejuvenation

By repairing your skin’s DNA, you naturally reduce and diminish signs of aging. Loose, sagging skin tightens, fine lines and wrinkles are improved and reduced, discoloration is diminished, textures become finer, pore size shrinks, and epidermal oil production normalizes. The result is anti-aging – slowing down the deterioration of your cells and encouraging DNA repair. Healthy cells regenerate faster – resulting in extraordinary, long-term changes to your skin’s health and appearance.

DermaDNA products protect and support your skin with a multi-faceted approach. We use antioxidants, vitamins, botanical extracts, and plant stem cells to protect your skin at a cellular level, and recommend applying physical UV protection daily.

Outstanding Complex Formulas

Every element in our formulations has a specific purpose and delivers targeted results. Protection requires a multi-faceted approach, and DermaDNA uses this concept in all our products – antioxidants, vitamins, botanicals, and stem cells are just a few of the ingredients that protect at a cellular level. We pack multiple active ingredients into every bottle. Most cosmetic formulas contain only a few active ingredients. Our multi-active formulas result in sophisticated, high-performing products.

DermaDNA’s Advanced Technology

Our formulas are developed using the most advanced skincare technology available in the world today! We work with chemists to use the latest in ingredient discoveries, extraction techniques, and preservation technologies, combining them to bring you the most effective products on the skincare market.

Who is DermaDNA for?

DermaDNA products are for women and men who want effective, clinical-grade skin care without compromise, individually prescribed to suit your unique skin condition and concerns.

Professional Purity

Every ingredient used in DermaDNA products is meticulously selected for efficacy, purity, quality, and potency. Each product contains generous amounts of our finest, naturally therapeutic active ingredients and dynamic skin conditioners to pamper and nourish your skin – producing accelerated visual results.

DermaDNA uses natural ingredients that are present in or created by nature, or produced with minimal physical processing. Our extraction methods are simple, and use simple chemical processing, water distillation, or naturally occurring biological processes such as fermentation.

Environmentally Conscious

We care about you and our environment. DermaDNA formulates our products without parabens or other harmful ingredients. Our processes are cruelty-free, and we utilize ecologically responsible manufacturing processes.

Our product ingredients are:

  • produced naturally – not synthetically
  • sustainably grown, harvested, raised and processed in an ethical manner
  • processed or extracted with natural methods
  • not irradiated, genetically engineered, artificially colored, or synthetically preserved

Every ingredient is eco-friendly and plant-based – not derived from humans or animals. We feel the origin of each ingredient is as important as the ingredient itself. As a result, we purchase the majority of our ingredients from certified organic or wildcrafted sources, and support ecologically friendly, sustainable, and fair trade agricultural practices.

Scientifically Proven

DermaDNA skin care blends cosmeceutical actives into unique and cutting-edge formulations. We are committed to delivering science-based, naturally-sourced skincare, using cruelty-free ingredients, and maintaining conscious and environmentally-sensitive practices.

By adhering to codes of practice that are environmentally sensitive and conscious, as well as utilizing and applying current fundamental scientific research for the basis of all our products, we ensure the safety, delivery, and efficacy of our ingredients and formulations to affect change at a cellular level.

DermaDNA is proud to be FDA approved, and registered with PETA and SAFE

The DermaDNA Promise:

Is to deliver intelligent, natural skincare, based on current and fundamental scientific research, developed without cruelty, and without compromise on the safety and quality of our ingredients.